Silver Glitter Nail Dust
Silver Glitter Nail Dust

Silver Glitter Nail Dust

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Silver Glitter Nail Dust and Festival Face Dust

Get Your Magic On. Simply Apply With An Eyeshadow Stick And Seal With A UV Or Normal Topcoat.

Break Away From Boring Old Regular Nails And Go With The Latest Trend! A Perfect Gift For Any Fashion Diva!

For Best Results:

Step 1: Apply A Base Coat

Step 2: Pick Your Colour and Apply 2 Coats and Allow to Dry.

Step 3: Apply A Topcoat and Allow to Dry Until It Is Dry to The Touch.

Step 4: Apply the Magic Mirror Dust by Carefully Dabbing All Over the Nail. Gently Rub into The Nail Using Your Finger or The Brush, However It Is Easier to Judge How Much Pressure You Are Using with Your Finger.

Step 5: Begin to Buff the Powder into The Nail Being Careful Not to Smudge Until Most of The Powder Has Been Buffed In.

Optional Step 6: Apply Another Topcoat But, This Can Remove the Mirror Finish, However, It Will Leave You with A Glittery Affect. Win, Win Either Way! 


2g With Mini Application Brush.

5g With Mini Application Brush